Swiss Agile Study

– The largest independent study about the usage of software development methodologies in Switzerland

The Swiss Agile Study 2016 is open. Just press the button to start the survey.

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The survey has been extended until Oktober 31, 2016.


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The Swiss Agile Study is a biannual survey about the usage of software development methods in Switzerland and how they are being applied. The survey is conducted by the University of Applied Sciences Zurich and the University of Applied Sciences Northwestern Switzerland.

The study consists of two independent surveys addressing both IT professionals and IT companies which either follow agile or plan-driven processes. The goal of the study is to get an extensive overview of the application and distribution of Agile software development methods, techniques and practices in Switzerland.

Find the latest study report, and all former, on the Studies page.

Other Projects and Studies

Communication and Collaboration in Agile Teams (2016) (NEW)

In our research project, “Agile Tools for Agile Methods”, we conducted group interviews with 44 participants in eleven agile companies to evaluate how successful agile teams communicate and collaborate and what they consider as key factors for successful communication. Find the full report on our Studies page.

Agile Success Factors

In our most recent research project, “Agile Succes Factors”, we conducted interviews in eight agile companies to ask about their most successful agile projects and what they considered to be the key factors to success. To learn more go to our Studies page.